The Struggle is Real

I have good friends who take care of a spouse or parent. In adulthood, these people are supposed to be your confidante, your friend, your supporter, and your helper. It is hard when this person becomes your charge. It is hard to change roles and become their caregiver. The struggle is real because everything is now turned around and you are in a position of being like a parent to them.
The hardest part of all is just the change in them. The once vibrant, active, smart and alert person you grew to know and love has become almost lifeless. Not only their abilities, but their emotions change and with that comes challenges and heartache on your part. The struggle is real because the person you once knew is now different.
No longer are you able to enjoy the things with them you once cherished. Things like calling them and asking questions about their day or sharing news is now not an option. Shopping and eating out is pretty much gone by the wayside as it becomes too risky to manage anymore. The struggle is real because now it is more important to keep them safe than to enjoy their company.
Isolation and loneliness for them, as well as, for you become the norm. You can no longer come and go as you please. Everything you do has to take them and their needs into consideration from now on. Will they be okay if you leave them, just for a few minutes? The struggle is real because now you are no longer on your own anymore.
Yes, the struggle is real.
Most importantly, however, you are not alone. Many others have walked this path and are walking this path along with you. I have mentioned before that this is just a season of life, although some seasons can be longer than other, this too shall pass.
The struggle is real because it becomes a new normal where you have to find what grounds you and accept where you are for the moment. God can work mighty things in us through suffering and stillness.
Allow the struggle, thank God for the struggle, and accept the struggle. God will shower his love, mercy, and compassion on you and in turn, these very virtues will be used by you to bless others coming along behind you as you recognize the same struggles in them. It is a rather beautiful life cycle.
Yes, the struggle is real, but not without its blessings. May God richly bless you during this time of life.

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