The Gospel is Life

I want to share a new favorite song. It is called, The Gospel, by Ryan Stevenson. You can listen to it here.


At church recently, we have been studying the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew 5. Our teacher made one comment that really stuck with me.


He said, “The gospel is not a law, rather the gospel is life.”


Jesus came to change hearts not give us more rules and regulations. There is a time a place for rules and regulations, but if that is all we focus on, we simply miss the point altogether.


Think about this and really let it sink into your thought processes. Jesus never intended us to just follow him blindly by simply doing one thing or another. He wants our hearts engaged. He wants our lives changed from the inside out. He wants His Word to so fill us that it oozes out and splashes on everyone we come in contact with.


This sermon was meant to turn the Pharisees, teachers of the law and such religious groups and their extra added laws to protect themselves from breaking God’s laws and penetrate their hearts. They were so concerned with “being right,” that they missed being righteous.


“Being right” means just that, doing whatever it takes to “be right.”


Being righteous means being right with God. God never intended us to just be right for the sake of being right. Rather, he taught us to be right in love.


So, the gospel is life. It is relational, it is about love, and it is about being righteous.


Where does the rubber meet the road for us today?


For me, the next time I want to “be right” and think how good I am for not murdering, not committing adultery, not swearing, not getting even, and for loving my neighbor, all these taken from Matthew 5:21-48, NIV. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll remember to actually work on reconciliation, look at others with respectful, Godly eyes, love my spouse, answer others honestly, go the extra mile for someone, and bless others, even those who don’t deserve it.


It is all there in Matthew 5:21-48. Yes, the gospel is life. Live it fully!

Credit for this goes out to Mark Brackney, our preacher and teacher!

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