Powerful Words

Our world is broken. We are a broken people. Yet, God tells us to have faith, hope, and love.   How? How can we do this effectively when it seems like the enemy keeps getting the upper hand?   Romans 12:12 is the beginning of the answer, “Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful … [Read more…]

Grace Me!

Have you ever thought back to a conversation only to realize something you said must have sounded so hurtful or inappropriate? I have begged God to please do not let the person be mad or even think about what I so innocently, yet thoughtlessly said.   There is a verse in Psalms 4:1 in The … [Read more…]

Prayer Fog

My heart has been heavy lately. I have found myself in a prayer fog for so many who are suffering. But, even in the midst of the fog, I have clearly seen God working. One of the things I am learning from the fog is that God is above it and sees right through it. … [Read more…]