Have You Ever Witnessed Jesus Face to Face?

There is a popular devotional song called Have You Seen Jesus My Lord?, by John Fischer.


The last verse says,

“Have you ever stood in the family
With the Lord there in your midst;
Seen the face of Christ in your brother,
Then I say you’ve seen Jesus my Lord.”

Again, I ask, have you ever seen the face of Christ in your brother or sister in Christ?


If you have, it is quite breathtaking. It is one of the most beautiful things you will ever witness in your lifetime, simply because that is just how wonderful and glorious it is to experience Him face to face.


In a little children’s class, I saw Jesus recently. Two of the children in the classroom were from the inner city and have been coming to our church. One is a feisty and sassy little girl, but one of the most precious souls you will ever come in contact with. The other is a non-verbal little boy who can light up a room with his smile.


The little girl has enormous energy and is in constant motion. She is kind of like a little walking talking tornado. It is quite hard to settle her down to one place and get her attention, much less keep her attention for a whole class period.


The little boy is quite the opposite, he walks slowly but purposefully with an uneven gait. He takes everything in as if to try and not miss anything going on around him. He is tentative with those around him, not quite sure who is trustworthy. But, his smile and the look on his face when he is able to communicate in his own unique way is infectious and satisfying.


These two unlikely comrades became Jesus right before my eyes one day in class.


The little boy did not want to be left alone in the classroom without his grandmother close by, just to be on the safe side. The class had started and everyone was participating in telling about their previous day’s activities. Like a whirlwind, in came the little girl who at once recognized her friend in the little boy.


She had gone to the opposite side of the table from him and was about to sit down, when she realized he was there and instantly was by his side. The grandmother moved over one seat to allow her to sit next to him. As she moved, he began crying, fearing she was about to leave him. The little girl’s face, actions, mannerisms, and just her whole being changed instantly. She patted his arm to reassure him that he was okay.He calmed and settled down immediately. From that moment on, she remained steadfastly at his side, calm and attentive to him and to me.


As the class was winding down, I handed out coloring sheets for our Bible story. She said she would color a picture just for her friend, and proceeded to color one of the most beautiful and perfect coloring sheets I have ever seen from a first grader. She worked diligently and quietly coloring for her friend.


The whole scene was quite miraculous and breathtaking. She just became another child altogether. No more whirlwind, and no more sassiness (well, maybe a little). She just knew instinctively that this little boy needed a friend. She obliged, but in the sweetest, gentlest, kindhearted, and simple way.
The rest of the class was one of the best I have ever had. I even noticed the other children watching and looking at her and the little boy and trying to figure out what the fuss was all about. They were genuinely curious about what had transpired.


“Have you ever stood in the family, with the Lord there in your midst,

seen the face of Christ in your brother, then I say you’ve seen Jesus, my Lord.”


Look around you, look for the face of Christ in your brother or sister. Look for what God is doing around you. Join in and ask God to allow you to see what He is doing. Ask Him to show you where you fit into His workings.


It is breathtaking!


Just so you know some of the back story, I found out the little girl has a horrible home life. She lives with a Mom who is inebriated pretty much constantly. I know, I have actually met her a couple of times. Her eyes are very distant and very haunting; she communicates, but is basically a shell of a person. This little girl and her siblings have very little financially and emotionally, much less spiritually. Yet, God chose to use her to help a little boy who appeared to need help.


If God can use a little girl from the inner city, He can surely use any one of us to be a light to someone else in need.



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