Happy Mother’s Day!?

Happy Mother’s Day!?
I have to be honest and tell you that statement is kind of a stretch for me. Let me explain.
I grew up in a happy home with a Mom, Dad, and a big brother. We attended church regularly, and had close relatives nearby that we visited quite often. We lived in a nice home in a nice neighborhood. My brother and I both went away to college after high school.
Once we left the house for college, everything in my family changed. Our parents divorced and our father’s business went under. They both remarried and moved away from our home town. We still had relatives close by, but now it was always how to get together with each family.
Fast forward about 30 years. My Mom’s life changed drastically. She started attending church again and my husband rebaptized her. She was living again and I had my Mom back. We had always been close growing up, but so much had changed over the years and she had missed out on so much with my children.
Unfortunately, about a year after her turn around she began showing signs of dementia. The Mom I loved, lost, loved again, I was now losing again. From the onset to her death, she lived about 7 years. It was a hard blow.
The positive is that she taught me to love God growing up. She taught me the importance of being a Mom. She taught me to make church an important part of my life.
The hard part is I also lost my Dad last year. Some of you know he had surgery for an aortic aneurism and died of complications from the surgery this past September.
Now that I have lost both parents, saying Happy Mother’s Day is just a little sad for me.
Yes, I am a Mom, and I will be told Happy Mother’s Day, but it still isn’t the same.
It is hard to lose something, find it, and lose it again.
Some of you know exactly what I mean. Some of you had Mom’s that were not very worthy to be called a mother. Some of you have struggled in your own motherhood and do not feel very worthy. However, I want to encourage you that no matter what your “mother” situation is, there is hope all the way around.
God in is infinite wisdom can become the Mom we lost, or never had, or the example of the one we need to be. How? You ask. One of the names in the Bible used for God is El Shaddai. Nancy Campbell in her book, The Power of Motherhood, explains,
Whenever we see the name, Almighty, it is the Hebrew word, El Shaddai. A breakdown of this word is as follows:


EL – the powerful, mighty, eternal God
SHADDAI – comes from the root word, ‘shad’ which is the Hebrew word for breast
It literally means ‘the breasted one’

This is a picture of God Himself as a nursing mother – One who longs to comfort us, protect, us, nurture us and gather us in His arms. He is the God who is all nourishing and all sufficient. El Shaddai is the God Who Is Enough. He is able to totally satisfy all of our needs. He is the God of total provision.” Page 5
So, does this change our perspective any?
Our God is enough. He is even enough to be a Mom we have lost, never had, or need to model. He covers all the bases for all of us, even in our sadness.
So, what to do?
Celebrate today! Celebrate those you have with you now. Love those with you and cherish them today. I am learning to let go of the past and to stop worrying about tomorrow and I am trying to realize what a gift it is to be present today.
Make the most of what you have, where you are, and with whom you are with. Be thankful in all things, even the hard stuff. God’s got this. All we have is today, live it, love it, and be.
Happy Mother’s Day!
Bobbie Lynn

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