Face Everything and Rise

My son is in college and majoring in Marketing, particularly sales. He has pointed out commercials and I have begun to notice how marketers go about trying to get us to buy stuff. Some advertising is annoying, some funny, but sometimes they can be downright genius.


Take for example the new commercials for the University of Phoenix. At the end, there is a simple written statement, “A degree doesn’t just change you. We Rise.” Think about this, the name Phoenix symbolizes an ancient bird that rises from the ashes to begin a new life. That is just cool when you can incorporate your company name into your marketing and have it symbolize an action on your part.


Satan has proven to be a great marketer over the years. He can get our attention and make just about anything “look” good, whether it actually is or not.


I recently came upon an anacronym for the word fear that illustrates my point here beautifully.

F – Forget
E – Everything
A – and
R – Run


Satan has taught us well that when things get too hard, we may as well give up and just run away, rather than doing the opposite. Maybe perhaps we have forgotten that there is another an acronym for fear.

F – False
E – Evidence
A – Appearing
R – Real


You see, Satan is really good at keeping us down for the count. He doesn’t intend for us to face our fears, but rather to just give into them.


But, I found a new an acronym that truly says what we need to do with our fear.


F – Face
E – Everything
A – and
R – Rise


What a difference! What an “in your face” blow to Satan!


So, what does this have to do with disability or caregiving?


Pretty much everything. You see, we tend to let life get us down. We go about our days and either see little results or no results or even back tracking with results.


When days get hard, our gut tells us to just run away. But, the beauty is, most of us actually rise up instead. We may not realize it at first, but caregivers are not a wimpy lot. No, not at all. We are fighters. We are advocates. We really care.


Think back to your earlier days of caregiving. The things that used to cause fear, are probably not even on your radar any more, at least your perspective has changed. There may still be valid fears and hard stuff, but your attitude and your mindset have “grown up,” so to speak.


When you hear someone complaining about a hang nail or a bad hair day, you will probably reach under your shirt to feel the “superman” or “superwoman” shirt just under the surface of your clothes. Okay, maybe not literally, but you know that you have learned to not sweat the small stuff anymore.


Am I right?


So, the next time, fear creeps up into your thinking, pray to God and tell him to get Satan out of your way. Ask God to give you wisdom on how to proceed, and with God by your side,





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