About Me

Hello and welcome!  My name is Bobbie Lynn Rider.  I am here to come along beside you on your unique journey of special needs!  I promise you will not be alone on your journey.  I have a daughter with Down syndrome and I just have a heart for Mom’s of special needs kids, spouses taking care of their special needs spouses, children taking care of parents with special needs, and/or caregivers of individuals with special needs.  You are on a very different and unique journey that is filled with self-sacrifice, love, loneliness (at times), grace and fortitude.

I have been married to Danny, who is a software engineer, for 26 years.  We have 3 children.  Ellen is a junior in college majoring in Nursing.  Davis is a freshman in college majoring in Business Management.  Camille is in 10th grade, Special Education, and has Down syndrome.  I have home schooled all my children for their entire education.

We have been on this journey for 15 years now and have learned a lot.  I lost my Mom a year ago to dementia.  I was not her primary caregiver, but I have been down that road with a parent.  We lost my Mother-in-law a couple of years ago due to complications from uterine cancer and a dislocated hip.  She needed lots of loving care and our family took turns caring for her needs at the end.

Our family enjoys time with each other and extended family, watching movies, our church and serving others.  We love going to the beach for vacation.

You are invited!  Please take a moment and enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of tea and sit and hear some encouraging and hopefully humorous stories of my own special needs journey.  Feel free to subscribe with your email address to keep getting updates, resources, and freebies that I will be offering each week.

I will be adding posts at least 2 to 3 times each week, as well as, resources that I have found helpful over the years.  Feel free to leave your comments to add to the conversation.  We are all in this together.  You are not alone!